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God Performs His Miracles Through Us

I arrived at the orphanage when I was 7 years old. I lived there because of my vision problems. At first I thought I would be alone, without friends...   Learn more >>

Jerry Moll

Founder / President, Living Sent Ministries

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Connecting Sunday to Monday

The purpose of Living Sent Ministries is to inspire and equip business and professional leaders to live out their Christian faith.   It is about "Connecting Sunday to Monday".

Living Sent Ministries Core Principle #1: "God gave you your business or job (vocation) to build the Kingdom."

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Dr. David Black to Keynote June 21, 2016 Banquet

June 21, 2016

      Above: Aegis Sciences Corporation Team at Corporate Office in Nashville, 2014. Dr. Black pictured in center.  The 2nd Vote Patriots nonprofit, logo top right, is Dr. Black's organization that helps Christians align their spending habits with thier values (           Aegis Sciences Corporation Founder/Chairman/CEO Dr. David Black will keynote the Living Sent Ministries June 21, 20...

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A Prayer for Leaders at Work: Insights from Martin Luther

Summer 2016

A Quote from Martin Luther:
It is pure invention that pope, bishops, priests, and monks are to be called the "spiritual estate;"   princes, lords, artisans, and farmers the "temporal estate." That is indeed a fine bit of lying and hypocrisy. Yet no one should be frightened by it; and for this reason-namely, that all Christians are truly of the "spiritual estate," and there is among them no difference at all but that of office.   From Three Treatises. 
Scripture Reference:

Ephesians 4:1, New International Version (NIV)
"As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received."

A Prayer for Leaders at Work:
Lord, may I walk worthy of the calling that I have received for my career. Lord, may I walk worthy of the calling you have given me in every part of my life. Lord, as your representative on earth, may I walk worthy of you each day. Amen.    



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