Ramona Moll

Ministry Title: Executive Assistant to the President Email: Ramona@livingsentministries.com Work Phone: 615-447-2520 Cell Phone: 615-927-4653

Barry Clouse, CPA

Term Ends: ex-oficio Company: Jennings & Clouse Ministry Title: Accounting Consultant Phone: 615-390-6681 Email: bclouse@jenningsclouse.com Board Status: Ex-oficio,non-voting, 2021

Matt Rucks, Treasurer

Term Ends: 2020-3rd term Company: CBA Ministry Title: Board Treasurer-Hendersonville Phone: 615-934-9908 Email: matt.rucks@cbaauto.net Board Status: 3rd term ends 2020

Geri Forkum

Term Ends: 2021 1st term Company: Benchmark Realty Ministry Title: Board Secretary-Mount Juliet Phone: 615-429-8880 Email: geriforkum@gmail.com Board Status: 1st term ends 2021

Ms. Rebeckah Dopp

Term Ends: 2018 1st term Company: ERS Ministry Title: Vice Chair New Bus Creation-Gallatin Phone: 615-828-5045 Email: rebeckahdopp@gmail.com Board Status: 2nd term ends 2020

Steve Dickert

Term Ends: 2020 3rd term Company: First Fruit Media Ministry Title: Director-Lynchburg Phone: 615-351-4166 Email: steve@firstfruitmedia.com Board Status: 3rd term ends 2020

Derek Truelove

Term Ends: 2020 2nd term Company: 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Ministry Title: Director-Lebanon Phone: 615-300-4134 Email: derek.truelove@yahoo.com Board Status: 2nd term ends 2020

Ken Roberts

Term Ends: 2018 1st term Company: JK Timber Enterprises LLC Ministry Title: Director-Goodlettsville Phone: 615-585-4161 Email: krobertsgc@gmail.com Board Status: 2nd term ends 2020

Jerry Moll

Term Ends: By appointment Company: Living Sent Ministries Ministry Title: President/CEO-Hendersonville Phone: 615-979-2321 Email: jerry@livingsentministries.com Board Status: In definite

Dr. Mike Shackleford

Term Ends: 2018 1st term Company: School Superintendent China Ministry Title: Immediate Past Chair-Hendersonville Phone: 615-218-1815 Email: shacklem@comcast.net Board Status: Term ends 2020