16 Stones

by Dick Wells


These Rock-Solid Principles from a Time-Honored Hero Will Fortify the Way You Lead, Wherever You Lead More than 2500 years ago, one man conquered a monumental task that stands as a model of successful leadership even today. His name was Nehemiah, and his job was to restore to greatness a city that had lain in ruins for more than a century. So where did he start? At the wall. In the ancient world, a wall was essential to the security, significance, and success of any prominent city. Without it, the whole place was exposed to attack by its enemies, and the people inside spent their lives surviving, not thriving. Like Nehemiah, leaders today must do whatever it takes to ensure the productivity of their city, company, church, or family. For Nehemiah, it was to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. For you, it could be: • Turn around a business that is spiraling downward or stuck in a rut • Awaken a church that is dwindling and struggling financially • Make the radical changes needed in your family • Grab hold of a new opportunity that demands a higher level of leadership from you • Counter an unexpected challenge to your leadership from inside-or outside-your organization. Whatever you face, the first task is to shore up your leadership, and in this book, Dick Wells outlines 16 steps you can take to raise the level at which you’re operating as a leader. With these principles, you get there the same way you raise a wall, one stone at a time. Build each of them into the way you lead, and your organization-or whomever you lead-will become more secure, more significant, and more successful, now and for years to come.

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