Speaking Life in a Messed Up World: How to Use Your Words to Make a Positive Impact on Everyone You Meet

by Eddie Poole


We all want to have a positive impact on the world, and the people around us. After all, no one aspires to be known as Mr. Grumpy Pants. For some, a positive outlook comes naturally. For others, it doesn’t come as naturally but that’s ok. Speaking life is a skill that can be learned and one that Eddie Poole wants to help us master. In his first book, “Speaking Life?in a Messed up World”, Dr. Eddie Poole inspires readers to use the words we speak each day to make a positive impact on every person we meet. Eddie starts by sharing the importance of words and he helps the reader to begin focusing on what is important. What’s in our heart comes out through our mouth and through our attitudes.In “Speaking Life?in a Messed up World”, Eddie’s enthusiasm for encouraging people and sharing the love of Christ whenever he gets the chance is apparent on every page. He inspires us with stories from his own life and the lives of others, always illustrating the power of words from a biblically based perspective. If you are looking for some motivation to help you become a better version of yourself, and positive influence on those around you, “Speaking Life?in a Messed up World” is a must read. Inside it’s pages you’ll learn how to Speak Life to your family, your kids, your co-workers and most importantly yourself.

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